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Manual therapies are available to us at Stretch and Flex to assist with recovery and to optimise comfort and performance. Manual therapies which we have available to us can be used as part of a treatment plan and performed in each consultation. A small selection of the numerous manual techniques we have available are:


  • Massage- A range of techniques available which are used to relax the animal, promote blood flow, breakdown adhesions and stimulate sensory fibres.

  • Stretching- Used to increase range of motion, stretch muscles and build strength.

  • Myofascial Release- Used to manipulate a tissue surrounding the whole body which can become taught and restrict function.

  • Trigger Point Therapy- Used to release bands of muscle and reduce muscle knots.

We are keen to explain why we choose to perform certain techniques as we believe involving you in the treatment process is hugely beneficial in aiding your animals recovery and optimizing comfort and performance

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