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The Team

Sarah Marlor


Veterinary Physiotherapy Bsc (Hons)


NAVP Registered

Born with a passion for animals, Sarah has grown up with dogs and horses. Sarah's love for animals has never changed and she enjoys meeting and interacting with the animals belonging to her clients, whilst maintaining their wellbeing and performance. She has an interest in animal behaviour, and uses this to aid in building a relationship with her animal patients.


Whilst studying A-Levels in Biology, Maths and Chemistry, Sarah realised her fascination of how the body works. Alongside her additional love for animals of all shapes and sizes, she developed a desire to improve the comfort and wellbeing of animals through the use of physiotherapy. Sarah has also worked on a variety of both competition, livery yards and kennels. This work further encouraged her to want to lean about how we can optimise the function and performance of these amazing animals.

Sarah graduated with a degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) from Harper Adams University in 2019. This was a 4 year course, including a year in industry, when she discovered a huge interest in osteoarthritis in both horses and dogs. This experience also taught Sarah the importance of treating all patients through the use of a multi modal approach; she always looks at the bigger picture when forming treatment plans. This approach was demonstrated in her final year research project, focussing on the links between body condition score and musculoskeletal disease.

Sarah has both her own horse and dog. Annie, an elderly ex showjumper whom suffers from PPID (Cushings Disease) and osteoarthritis in both stifles. Annie is Sarah's pride and joy and often used for modelling for photos and regularly has treatment and follows a strict remedial exercise programme to help her stay mobile and strong.


 Rosie is a retired racing greyhound and another regular model for Stretch and Flex . Rosie broke her leg whilst racing in September 2018 and has undergone a strict physiotherapy and rehabilitation plan to get her to where she is today. Her leg causes her no issues and she is now fit for function, with a brilliant quality of life which usually involves plenty of sleeping on the sofa!

Sarah enjoys continuing to educate herself about additional factors that contribute towards the work she does. She is passionate about discussing these factors with  clients and other professionals, thus working together to achieve and maintain high comfort, performance and longevity. In addition she encourages the consideration of lifestyle factors (for example nutrition and fit of equipment) so that you can achieve the optimum results for you and your best friend.

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