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Stretch and Flex offer a full range of services to help your pet reach their optimum level of comfort and performance. Mobile around the East Midlands, we are happy to travel to the comfort of your own home/yard, to assist your pet with feeling comfortable with their surroundings. The appointment will be conducted with your pet as the main priority, a full assessment will be conducted, including an analysis of any presenting problems you have experienced, in addition to identifying any further problems. Physiotherapy is also an excellent way to reduce chances of injury in the future. 


Initial Phone Consultation (Dog)



Give us a call to discuss how we can help you, with no pressure or obligations.

Initial Phone Consultation (Horse)




Initial Assessment (Dog)


A thorough assessment to identify any issues, and we will work with you to form a treatment plan based around you and your pet. Included in the consultation will be your first session of treatment.

If we haven't previously had an appointment with your pet before, an initial assessment will be required.


Follow up Appointment(Dog)



Treatment for your pet including electrotherapy, massage and exercises to combat any identified issues.

Initial Assessment  (Horse)


Follow Up Appointment (Horse)




All Prices are Subject to Travel Costs as below:

Travel Charges.jpg
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