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At Stretch and Collect, we believe that the work you can do with your animals at home, on a daily basis, is what allows our work to be most effective.


As part of our consultations, we will work with you to form a realistic, yet effective exercise programme to complement the work which we perform in each session. We will also work with your animals to perform the exercises in every session, and adapt and develop any exercises at each appointment to maintain consistency with your animal's progress which will be closely monitored and recorded.


We provide you with detailed instructions for each exercise (including all necessary details) and will work together with you to help you to assist your animal to make the optimum recovery, maximise their comfort and perform to their best ability. We are always keen to explain how exercises are able to help your animal to improve and keep you involved in making plans as we strongly believe that working as part of a team is by far the most effective route to improvement!

In addition we will help you to assess all aspects of your animal's life to ensue that we are assisting your animal in recovery and management as best we can! Small aspects such as water bowl positioning and  adjustments in how we feed hay can be adapted to specifically target conditions your animal may be suffering with and help to maximise their comfort and performance.

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